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About us

We are partners : Anita and Maylis.



I'm Anita and I'm passionate about sewing. I have a lovely husband and two wonderful children. My only regret is not having had enough time to sew for them when they were young; so I sew for my two grandkids who I love dearly and who I love to make clothes for.

While I learnt the basics of sewing at school at the age of twelve I only really became interested in it after I married and that was mainly soft furnishings for our home: cushions, curtains, costumes for kids (capes)... When we moved to France (I am British), I couldn't find clothes I really liked so I got out my old sewing machine and began to sew my own clothes. Then I began creating patterns for myself, especially corsets because I'd always wanted one. I've never stopped sewing since, and like anyone who has such a compulsive hobby as sewing, the idea that it could be a job grew and grew. I was an English teacher and still have the same thrill of sharing my knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

That's how the Design AniMay project started.



I am Maylis. Anita is my mother-in-law and when her son and I announced our marriage, she offered to sew my dress. She had already sewed her daughter's and I had a clear idea of what I wanted so I accepted her offer. We spent a lot time together for various adjustments and fittings and after the wedding, she naturally offered to teach me how to sew. A few months later, she gave me my first sewing machine which accompanies me today. Sewing became a real passion and It's when everything began for me.

I finished my studies and my job took a lot of my time and didn't provide enought satisfaction. We decided, Anita and I, to create a sewing blog together to keep spending time doing what we like and sharing about it. The idea of creating a company came a few monthes later. I quit work and we began this new adventure.


We create sewing patterns for kids aged from 1 month to 12 years and we're hoping to be able to diversify as soon as possible. The aim is to create accessible and attractive patterns to sew but also comfortable and fashionable clothes for kids to wear. You will be able to create sustainable and good quality clothes following the slow-fashion tendancy. In this spirit our patterns are printed regionally on recycled or FSC paper. All the data for the website is hosted in France and we only work with suppliers based around Grenoble in France.

Each pattern is graded by an experienced pattern grader. Then we reproduce it several times and ask our team of volunteer testers to try it too. We want to create patterns which help you to personnalise clothes that you will be proud to sew and see worn.


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